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Rosalie L Goddard

Monday, January 04, 2016

Sophie Fontanel is a fashion journalist member of this tiny class of reporters who make a universal subject of commentators that transcend the mundane themes - here skirt length or type of sharp end of shoe or fringe here - to make an object of reflection on the world. Here she speaks of freedom, where history or social relationships.
"At age 23, when I started, I was told:" but fashion, cares! "." But in fact, everyone is canada goose snow mantra fur-hood coat interested in fashion. Everyone carries clothing, everyone chooses to be dressed one way or another. Even the so-called person detached fashion will not accept to wear canada goose snow mantra parka some clothes that she dislikes. Nobody is totally indifferent to what say clothing on us. »

Journalist to the fashion pages of it french that she particularly directed having been commentator on channel 15 years + and journalist in the morning and at Cosmopolitan, Sophie Fontanel has now returned in a generalist media and offers even since the beginning of the fall of a chronicle on the France Inter radio. She is pleased with this return canada goose snow mantra women outside the traditional fashion magazines, it finds overtaken by events. «There's such a lack of cheerfulness!» And then she continues, publications speak here 'it bag' or where the skirt of the time which does not just Street Canada Goose Women's Snow Mantra Parka Coat which is not embraced by the young, on the ground, but comes rather from the press such kit or such claw. "They are canada goose sale completely clueless. Why tell us also foolishly? »

Between the lack of humour and imagination, she said, mode reports say more nothing true.
Now, she said, it is rather on Instagram everything happens. This is CANADA GOOSE EXPEDITION PARKA MEN Black 4565M why it is settled successfully fetching the latest news near 26 000 subscribers.

Sophie Fontanel is preparing to publish a new novel, La Vocation, canada goose snow mantra women parka which recounts the life of a family fascinated by the elegance and fashion, through several points of view. She hopes that this will be an opportunity, in 2016, returning to Quebec in talk. And see what moves here, outside the beaten all the rest of the fashion world.